03 Jul 2017

June Product Release: More power to video publishers

With our June product release, we are going big on giving more power to video publishers. So if you have been creating and publishing videos on kPoint, we have a whole bunch of exciting features for you. Keep reading to know more about them. We understand that your video files have become heavier with the … Continue

30 Jun 2017

Inspiring Use Cases of Video in Business

Video has taken a life of its own in enterprises. They are being used for tutorials, vlogs, branding strategies and even training, thanks to the proliferation of the internet and cheaper smart devices. According to PWC, videos are now the primary or preferred medium for communication. With millennials quickly forming the majority of the workforce—an … Continue

23 Jun 2017

Making the Digital Workplace a Reality

A natural transition from the traditional Picture this. Sonika has a video conference to attend in the first half of the day and she has to attend her son’s Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) in the second half. Given the dreadful traffic conditions in her city, she knew she is never going to make it on time for … Continue

30 May 2017

Video Intelligence is here to stay…And we’re super-excited!

The fast-paced adoption of video in enterprises means that there is a huge amount of video content residing in a company’s digital properties including website, intranet, blogs and so on. So what happens when you’ve got a big video library and want to find all your sections that talk about “programming”? Want to quickly flag … Continue

04 May 2017

6 things to know while choosing between cloud and on-premise deployment

We often find our customers’ IT and business teams debating over the type of deployment they should have for kPoint. While adopting the cloud seems to be the preferred choice of most, there are businesses that still prefer on-premise deployments. The choice of porting to a cloud solution depends on a number of factors that … Continue

27 Apr 2017

kPoint PoP: Cracking the last mile video delivery problem

According to Gartner, enterprises stream more than 16 hours of video per employee each month, resulting in employees watching 45 minutes of video daily. That the use of videos in enterprises is growing through the roof is now very evident. It comes as no surprise that viewers expect the same quality of experience as YouTube … Continue

25 Apr 2017

Video streaming behind the scenes

Videos have pervaded the enterprise today, but a smooth video watching experience involves complex technology. Have you ever wondered what we do behind the scenes to create a smooth and secure viewing experience for you? Watch this video to know what it takes.

05 Apr 2017

kPoint earns the Global Gold Standard in Information Security Management

We’re excited to announce that we have recently been awarded the ISO 27001 certification. Since inception, information security has remained our absolute highest priority. One fundamental aspect of delivering the highest levels of security is the ability to effectively secure and protect sensitive information of every single customer. Over the years we have kept upgrading … Continue