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“Let us give them something to talk about” crooned Bonnie Raitt. But what exactly in a corporate setting?It is a lot easier to write or publish articles on topics that one is familiar with. Then hope that people are interested. This does not always work. Of course, we have assumed that getting your article or blog read is what is most important you and not serving your audience! An obviously bad assumption.

In my own twisted way, all I am saying is that publishing relevant content is good for everyone. Your stuff will get read or watched, people will have critical issues discussed and get a better understanding about them and in general, useful information will be disseminated. So as a purveyor of wisdom and unsolicited assistance to your fellow creatures here are a few categories that may be a clue to topics that are of interest to an organization.

First, “How to get ahead”. The lunch line or technical prowess at HTML5. Provide information that will differentiate your audience’s use of a technology or understand the latest mystical code snippet floating out of a line editor console of a geek in Hungary.

Second, “How not to screw up, big time.” Pitfalls and traps that litter the way of your fellow employees. Careers on the line, devious code check-ins that mess up release schedules and leave you polishing your resume, the hazards of a oh-so-clever workaround. Spew out your warnings and prophecies for all and sundry.

Third, “Warm and fuzzy and kills time ever so sweetly”. Feel good stuff. That video of the kitten swiping at the string. The audience shot with the Exec bench snoozing. Babies gurgling and adoring grannies. While it is pooh poohed, this really is the glue that will keep your organization communicating and using online tools to stay in touch through good times and bad.

So go on publishing that …. stuff. Keep lines of communication open, no matter what the platform or technology, is critical to your organization’s health. And relevant topics will ensure that.

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