Who wants to talk to the customer support guy if, instead, you can watch a movie?

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Most of us, at some point of time, have made calls to a support line when something goes wrong with a product we use. What follows is often more torture, through the waiting time to get connected or the time on hold until you receive explanation and answers for resolution about your concerns. A lot of us can surely relate to the picture at this point!

A natural tendency is to turn to some other satisfying medium of communication, which can solve the problem more effectively. In fact, a leading report by Mintel analysts has identified automated self-service as a growing global trend. “Self-service is more effective and convenient for people than human service,” notes Robert Weideman, Nuance’s executive vice president and general manager. A similar finding by Synthetix(www.synthetix.com) suggests that consumers like to self-serve answers to their questions online; all they ask is that you take online channels seriously – and keep their multi-channel experience consistent. Here are some significant quick findings from this survey:

• 7 out of 10 people think online customer service will dominate over traditional call centers within a decade.
• 89% of consumers are ‘more satisfied’ when they get answers online quickly.
• Only 1 in 10 consumers are completely happy with the customer service they receive.
• 67% of consumers overwhelmingly prefer online channels to voice for after-sales customer service & support.
• 90% of consumers will always check a website first before emailing or calling you.
• A quarter of consumers believe that all customer service will eventually be done online.

To conclude, a new trend suggests that customer’s new preference is self-service over human service. Companies are being measured based on response times and the percentage of customers they respond to. Responding to social comments on the various social media channels will be the “table stakes” to play in the game of business….

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