What do you prefer for product help – Text or Video?

By February 13, 2014Blogs

An article from Gartner says “Videos are particularly effective at capturing and recording deep and broad applications of various processes”. To find its relevance for my current scenario, I put this to test.

I went up to the support team, looked for new tickets and picked the one that demanded a multi-step answer. After all, who would create customer service videos for something trivial? This query was from a customer who wanted to share a section of the video that he had created. A short explanation would not suffice; the options best explained with visuals like screenshots for a satisfactory solution. My past experience of a support engineer helped me while solving this query and here is a document that I put together in less than 12 minutes. I also put together a customer service video here in almost the same time.

At the end of this experience, I preferred the customer service video over text help. But what I feel hardly matters. After seeing this document and the videos, what do you feel? Do you find the video more effective? Do you agree with the Gartner analyst? We look forward to hearing your views!
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