Using multiple streams to get rid of camera/mic shyness.

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The whole idea behind kPoint is to give the viewer of a kapsule an experience pretty much the same as that of being there live! This is the reason why kPoint puts so much power into the hands of the kapsule creator – in addition to her own audio and video, she can use a presentation, share any application from the desktop, or play another video. The additional streams need to be used by the author effectively to create that being-there-in-person experience for the viewer.

There is one gotcha however, for most people while creating a kapsule. They become camera shy, and even if the video is not used, they become mic shy! We want to help all such users get rid of this shyness. So, here are a couple of tips.

When you talk to your viewers in person, you share-all-of-yourself subconsciously while delivering your “message”. You make sure that the viewers are focused on what you are showing them. While doing this there may be an occasional missed pronunciation, that odd word you stutter on, or a sentence that you repeat. No one minds it. When you are live, you are focused on delivering the “message”, showing them what you have, and your viewers are there to see it. Neither of you is focused on anything else. That’s what makes being-there-in-person experience so effective.

So, if you wish to create an effective kapsule, focus on the “message” and share-all-of-yourself with the kPoint camera. Do not mind the missed word, an occasional umm… etc. Help the viewer focus on what you wish to show them from one of the many streams kPoint supports. This will take the pressure off you and are sure to come out with a kapsule that you like.

And yes, please do not “script” what you wish to say. Just keep the bullet points with you in the presentation and let it flow. You as well as your viewers will like it that way since it will come out so naturally.

Here is a something I found by Matthew Loop that elaborates on these points and provides you some more tips. Have fun with kPoint!

Matthew Loop on “How to stop camera shyness”.

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