Top 3 reasons to integrate kPoint into your application

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kPoint integration
In the recent months, more and more customers have integrated kPoint in their applications. Are these integration efforts worth it when you can simply add links to videos? Here are three key reasons that justify these efforts:

Firstly, it is all about the experience. Whether it is a trainer using a LMS or an Innovation team encouraging open innovations through an app, it’s the user experience that matters the most. A single click can take the user away from this experience and adversely affect its efficiency and user satisfaction. It can also result in the total loss of this user. An integrated experience on the other hand can show the user what’s needed within the same application. As an example, here is a short video about ‘videos used in self service portals’. You can watch it without leaving this page.

Secondly, user authentication can occur more than once increasing the user’s tasks to remember possibly another set of credentials. If an app has already authenticated the user to give it secure access, another login process can only be a pain to the user.

Lastly, video integration offers ability to track. Videos are not only more entertaining but also provide information on the user’s engagement levels. With a document, you can only track if someone opened the document or not. With videos and MCQs at regular intervals, you can track viewership as well as the usability of your app.

Integration is pretty straightforward with helpful APIs. Visit this page to see more details of kPoint integration along with some examples. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and offer a memorable user experience!

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