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In today’s world, video and learning are a surefire combination. As professionals in education and learning look to technology for more efficiency and innovation, video has grown exponentially in response.

Modern video platforms can support video from end-to-end — providing the ability to record, edit, search, share and store video within an integrated platform. In other words, these platforms allow you complete autonomy in managing your video content and tailoring it towards your learners and consumers.

Let us convince you that this merging of video and learning is effective, useful and absolutely pertinent to your L&D needs.

    • Analytics: If you sign up for video learning, you’re signing up for analytics like you’ve never seen before. Detailed, specific, and often arranged into helpful infographics, these analytics allow you a deep insight into how your videos are actually performing.
    • Superior Search: New video technologies are changing how we search for videos. They allow us not just to find videos, but also to search for specific content within a video, making it impossible for your video content to hide. Let’s just put it this way: if your video was playing Hide and Seek, it would always lose.


    • Recording options: Many platforms help you decrease heavy editing and equipment costs by providing easy-to-use recording options within the platform. Transmit knowledge throughout your organization from anywhere, at any time..


    • … and from any device: One of the biggest advantages of video technologies today is that they work on multiple devices. This means that regardless of the original format of the content, it is available and accessible to consumers on different devices.


    • Human touch: Video is the perfect way to bridge the gap between technology and the human touch. An MIT study has shown that a human face creates an intimate and personal experience. Think of your favorite teacher in school. And then think of a world where you can listen to your teacher from any corner of the world, on any device. That is what video learning makes possible.


    • Video Library: An oft-overlooked benefit of video platforms is their ability to store all your videos in one place. This feature is important not just for ease of access, but also for security. Your content is contained, safe and accessible at any time.


    • Video Sharing: A Forbes study reported that 54% of senior executives share work related videos with their colleagues every week. Video makes it easy for knowledge to circulate freely across departments and hierarchies. It helps build knowledge-based networks within your company.


    • Learner’s Needs: Learners have different paces, styles and needs. Video learning is revolutionary in that it does not alienate any kind of learner. Learners can choose which device to use, when to play a particular video, how many times to play it, and which section of the video to play. Video learning ensures that no learner is left behind.

Using video tools in learning is not simply about moving forward with the technology of the times. It also means that we are interested in innovative and inclusive learning. It means that we are giving ourselves the ability to leverage a technology to become better humans — both inside and outside of a professional context.

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