Our Summer Release: Track users by customer ID, embed enhancements and improved scalability

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Things are hotting up at kPoint! Temperatures are soaring, flowers are blooming, and the product team is busy with a whole new set of product improvements for you. With our summer release we have not only made kPoint faster and more scalable, but also laid the building blocks for some really cool features. Let’s have a closer look at them.

Tracking users by customer IDs

Regular consumer apps identify users by their emails ids. But in the enterprise context, employee ID is the all important ID. Which is why kPoint can now recognise users by their employee IDs as well, adding a whole new dimension to your video analytics. kPoint analytics can be seamlessly integrated with other enterprise systems where users are identified by the unique employee ID.

Faster and more scalable than ever

We have been experiencing a tremendous growth in usage. In order meet the demands of an increased number of users, we have revamped our video distribution and consumption architecture, thereby enabling you to experience an outstanding leap in speed. This change also readies us for serving a significantly higher number of users.

More data on your dashboard

kPoint now provides you even more insights into the usage of your video portal and channels. You can now view and download multiple types of monthly reports related to your domain, channel usage or users.

Embed enhancements

kPoint videos are typically embedded in other web applications. With this release we have ensured that the player embedded in your applications becomes totally responsive to available webpage sizes and has all our widgets along the way. The kPoint player will fit with your webpage in colour, style and font to seamlessly become an extension of the page.

High quality HLS playback

With 60% of all videos on the internet today being in HLS format, all advanced browsers and applications are moving towards this common streaming standard. kPoint’s API-driven video encoding now makes it possible to prepare content for high quality HLS playback. With this, we have ensured that we move towards HLS only streaming, and remain one of the most technically advanced video platforms.

In addition to all these improvements we are also upbeat about our highlight driven viewing and live event broadcast features…but more about that soon. Till then, keep watching this space ? .

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