Sometimes 100,000 is greater than 2,000,000

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In the four years since we introduced kPoint to the market, we’ve been totally focused on enterprise video, making it easy to create video, making it easy to find and view video, making video analytics actionable, and making enterprise video secure. The combination of these video realms is to make video a preferred medium of communication within enterprises. Recently we decided to coin a mantra for what we do, what we will do, and what we believe in.

Videofy the enterprise.

Being engineers at heart we decided we need to be able to measure enterprise videofication quantitatively. So we referenced a report on enterprise video produced by Cisco and they measured videofication in the form of video data versus non video data on corporate networks. According to their prognosis video data will surpass non video data during the course of 2015.
enterprise video platform views graph

That’s a comforting feeling for folks like me whose business depends on enterprise video data volumes. But the engineer in me kicked in again and I decided to look at whether our own data corroborated the Cisco sky gaze. Our head of analytics found two data points that prima facie indicate that kPoint is making serious impact in videofying the enterprise.

enterprise video views million less than hundred thousand

I have been looking at these two numbers and trying to link them with our videofication mission. Everyone in the company was very excited by these big numbers. After all we are a start up in a category which is nascent so 2 million views should be a good number. Then a young MBA trainee piped up and told me that YouTube was launched in 2005 and were averaging 100 million views per day in 2006! In my honest assessment we’ve done brilliantly as pioneers in developing the technology for enterprise video and in seeding a nascent market. But in terms of impact, we are just scratching the surface. There’s a lot more potential video views in enterprise. In fact the data point on one video in one corporation notching up a 100 thousand views is indicative of kPoint successfully driving videofication in one corporation. It is proof of concept that the videofied enterprise is reality. Now to multiply that by 100. Nay 1000.


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