A Smartphone drenched and revived- UGC to the rescue!

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Among the many big sorrows of the world distinctly lies the sorrow of losing or seeing your Smartphone drown. The fear of losing precious data can leave most of us dumbfounded. So when this happened to me last week, I was lost for words or actions. My world came to a standstill- at least for a good few seconds….. I picked up my drowning phone as soon as I regained my composure, but the damage was done. The Smartphone was drenched, switched off and probably dead.

I was now at a crossroads faced with two options. Either bin my drenched phone, or then try to revive it. And like most people, I decided to try to revive it, for the greed of regaining all lost data along with the phone was all but overwhelming. I wasn’t quite sure what would effectively work, without further risking the life of my dying phone. I knew for a fact I shouldn’t try to switch it on as that carried a risk of a short circuit and that’s where my domain knowledge ended.

With UGC on the rise, and nearly 100 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute (according to Google), I was quite sure other users will come to my rescue. There were numerous posts, articles, images, videos posted by a range of people across the globe about what worked for them when their phone fell in water accidentally. And to much of my surprise, most people advised on using a box or self-sealing bag of uncooked rice to drain out the excess moisture off the phone! There were many links like this on video hosting sites, posted by users across different countries, continents. It was a risk worth taking. I left my phone in an airtight box of rice overnight. Am not sure if it was only rice or one of the many other instinctive things I did, but yes the trick worked and my phone did come alive the next day!

UGC has limitless potential to help users, businesses and networks to share, confide, build and grow their knowledge. You can read one of our articles on UGC to know more. It’s time to leverage UGC for all your needs- this can of course include saving a drowning phone!

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