A scalable, secure, and programmable video cloud
so you can build your Digital Video experiences as
easily as web pages.

Enterprise Video Services – Overview

kPoint VideoStack completely takes away the complexity in adding digital video to your apps. As a developer, you get rich API access to kPoint’s scalable video cloud services, search index, a player you can brand, catalog index, view analytics, and an embeddable live broadcast capability. Cut the budget and the time to market for adding video to your digital experience.

Enterprise Video Streaming Management – How To Engage

VideoStack is meant for you if you need a ready-to-use digital video cloud. Sign up for a domain, schedule a chat with our video architects and get support/advice on the best way to deploy digital video. Get a fully scaled up video cloud into your app within a day!

Enterprise Video Management Services – VideoStack Advantage

Let’s handle video at scale in your apps
For Digital Experience Developers

When you are developing a digital app, you have your hands already full with building the right kind of experience. And you want to use video where it makes most sense without making your development budget go through the roof. Get VideoStack!

For Education Providers

Focus only on the learning value of your video content and let VideoStack do everything needed so your viewers get a smooth experience. VideoStack takes care of ingestion, transcoding, playback, distribution, searching and highlighting, analytics, and security.

For Media Providers

When your business is media, you are most concerned about content security, branded playback, device/network/format independence, distribution and monetization. VideoStack’s scalable video cloud gives you all of this with an easy to use REST API.


Incorporate state-of-the-art video experiences in your applications and work processes.

Programmable Video Player

Fast rendering of HD videos with custom branding and a variety of embedding options.

Video Management

Manage your fast growing content repository with an API level access to the video CMS. Manage content catalogs, distribution, and security using bulk management APIs.

Search and Highlighting API

Add highlights for a personalised playback and search for keywords.

Fine-grained Analytics

Understand viewer behaviour and monitor performance
of your videos.

Mobile Video

Fully featured responsive HTML5 player which can be easily embedded in your mobile-friendly website as well as in any native mobile app.

Identity Integration

Incorporate 3rd party AUTH providers for a secure playback.

VideoStack Stories

Hear what our satisfied video publishers have to say

kPoint has become a useful marketing tool to extensively market our own products, without increasing our marketing budget. By using kPoint’s video presentation and lecture capture, we have built an intelligent knowledge repository of Marketing Presentations, which has greatly enhanced our spread and speed to market.

Avinash PurandareCMO, Kirloskar

With enterprise video learning solutions such as those offered by kPoint, we have been able to bring about a dramatic expansion of educational opportunities in the workplace. It creates an interactive environment that enhances communication, collaboration and learning across geographies.

Hariraj VijayakumarGlobal Head L&D, Cognizant

Our fast moving product teams must have the right information flowing from the customer to the developer, across the group and back. kPoint is being used to successfully address this need. Timely capture of specifications as well as deliverables in searchable kPoint kapsules works great as a means of documentation and knowledge transfer.

Nitin Kulkarni COO and Executive Director, Persistent Systems

Tata Quality Management Services (TQMS) owns subjects like Business Excellence, Innovation, Business Ethics and Sustainability for the Tata Group. TQMS has to regularly communicate with almost all operating Tata companies. We are using kPoint for webinars, trainings, conducting meetings and capturing events. It is an effective and easy to use tool for such purposes.

Ravi Arora Vice President, Tata Quality Management Service


Which facilities are offered by VideoStack in addition to video storage and streaming?

Video Stack provides a developer friendly API infrastructure which allows application developers to use VideoStack as video backend for their applications. Video Stack also comes with differentiating kPoint features such as in-video search, highlights and interactive widgets.

How does the VideoStack player compare with the open source players?

VideoStack player supports all advanced features of open source players. Additionally, VideoStack supports interactivity in video, multi-bit rate streaming and fine grained viewership analytics.

What meta data is accessible over the API?

VideoStack makes all metadata available on REST APIs.

Can VideoStack accept authentication tokens from another system?

Yes, VideoStack supports authentication tokens generated by other systems. Procedure to generate the authentication token for kPoint is provided here.

What is the auto scaling support in VideoStack?

VideoStack supports auto scaling of video transcoding and distribution by using AWS’s robust infrastructure.


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