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kPoint Live

This is like Facebook live specially built for businesses. You can live broadcast your product launches, seminars, marketing events to virtually unlimited audience. Once recorded you will get a recording of the event which can be shared with additional set of audience to get even more ROI for your event.

Easy to use broadcaster

kPoint live provides you a flexibility to choose your broadcasting options. You can either use RTMP feed from a third party software and broadcast it globally using kPoint, or you can use kPoint’s own easy to use, browser based broadcaster to broadcast your camera feed, screen or picture in picture mode. With kPoint broadcaster, you can also choose the quality of the broadcast based on your network quality.

Fully interactive

Interact with your audience in real time. We have enabled comments moderation, so that you can moderate and respond to comments to make your live experience more interactive. Your moderated real time comments are preserved for on demand view, post the event.

Understand Your Audience

Know what’s working well, and what could work better with your live videos. kPoint’s insightful analytics ensure that you have total visibility of your viewers, their demography, most watched streams and much more.

Live to On Demand Instantly

kPoint generates on-demand video files instantly from your live streams, which you can then push to audiences who missed the live stream. You don’t even need to send a different URL to those who could not attend. kPoint Live uses the same URL for both live and on demand video.

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