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Customized Interactivity

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VideoCentral makes video player behave like a webpage. Read on how various interactivity widgets are used in the video player to increase engagement and provide interactivity.


Presenting highlights of the video makes viewers 40% more engaged with the video. Highlights are also SEO enabled so that key moments from your video are easily discovered by your target audience.


Viewers can easily find and reach the point of their interest in the video by using the search widget. VideoCentral maintains a timestamped index of everything inside a video, which allows viewers to search and find the exact point where the search term is used inside the video.


When viewers see a useful video, they can instantly share it with their peers in multiple ways. They can get the embed code to add the video on a separate portal, they can share the link through email or they can share the


A timely MCQ type quiz question helps in viewer’s engagement with the video. Authors can add MCQ type quiz questions at the start, end or any point in the video. Viewers can also learn from these quizzes by seeing the correct answer.


VideoCentral completely removes notion of ‘video as a black box’ by giving unparalleled interactivity inside the video. With spotlight, authors can add internal / external links on the video or show an image on a video.

External Forms

Authors can get viewers to fill in required information as feedback, survey, enquiry details etc. by embedding external forms on a VideoCentral video in kPoint player. Such an in-context information gathering helps improve responsiveness of viewers.


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