VideoCentral: An easy-to-use video portal

Seamless view for viewers, publishers, and administrators
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Branded portal

You can customize VideoCentral portal to reflect your branding. This includes a fully branded url, your enterprise colour scheme and your organization’s logo.

Content categorization

Organize your content into channels and playlists so that viewers can find relevant content quickly.

Personalized suggestions

Viewers get suggestions on what to watch next based on what they are watching and their viewership history. These intelligent suggestions help users find and view more content on the portal.

Social learning – sharing, comments

Users can instantly share videos with their peers over email and social media. Users can also share one or more highlights of the videos. Social collaboration over videos is possible using nested comments. Once a user has commented on a video, they will get notifications on subsequent interaction over that video.

Inline help

VideoCentral has placed tool tips and help cards everywhere to assist the user in easy navigation of the portal.


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