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Enterprise Video Streaming Platform – The go to place for video publishers and viewers

kPoint VideoCentral gives everything to use video at work in one place. Creators, viewers, and IT people get the interfaces they need. All the complexity of content security, device and video formats, smooth playback, and global scale are taken care of for you. And you will also know exactly what the viewers are doing.

Enterprise Video Streaming – How it works

The broad portfolio of plug-and-play features make VideoCentral a fit for any organization that uses videos. Talk to our solutions team to identify the right use case and a champion in your organization. VideoCentral is not a big ticket, one size fits all solutions. Our solution expands as you use more videos on VideoCentral.

Enterprise Video Solutions Platform – VideoCentral Advantage

A versatile video platform to videofy all your business functions
For Customer Marketing

Existing customers and partners get bulk of the revenue for most companies. Give them videos that go beyond sales content.

For Sales Enablement

Sales teams need to be armed with recent wins and product updates on the go. Add punch to their conversations with fresh snackable videos.

For Learning And Development

Videos are the lifeblood on learning on demand everywhere. Whether you have one LMS or multiple learning portals, get the best-of-breed video tech from VideoCentral.

For Corporate Communicators

Leaders today want to reach out via videos very frequently. Enable them anywhere and anytime. And let viewers engage their leaders directly via texting on the video timeline.

For Enterprise IT

When a business decides to videofy itself, IT needs to provide a painless, comprehensive, and flexible video platform to all. Solve this video content management challenge once and for all.

For All Employees

Organizations need to leverage the millennials’ demand for visual communication. Give their mobile video the opportunity to create a hyper-engaged organization.


Built for maximizing adoption of video.
Deploy as a stand-alone video platform or into an ecosystem of other systems.

An easy-to-use video portal

Seamless view for viewers, publishers, and administrators

Player with Widgets

Customized interactivity

Hybrid Identity

What makes kPoint secure yet flexible


n-video, spoken words, OCR

Ecosystem API

Integrate with all enterprise systems


Minimize Internet bandwidth consumption


User behaviour, content effectiveness insights

Content Organization

Governance, compliance, and ease of management

Third-party streaming

Leverage other video hosting provider

Live streaming

Streaming Live is Now Just a Touch Away!

VideoCentral Stories

Hear what our videofied customers have to say

kPoint has become a useful marketing tool to extensively market our own products, without increasing our marketing budget. By using kPoint’s video presentation and lecture capture, we have built an intelligent knowledge repository of Marketing Presentations, which has greatly enhanced our spread and speed to market.

Avinash PurandareCMO, Kirloskar

With enterprise video learning solutions such as those offered by kPoint, we have been able to bring about a dramatic expansion of educational opportunities in the workplace. It creates an interactive environment that enhances communication, collaboration and learning across geographies.

Hariraj VijayakumarGlobal Head L&D, Cognizant

Our fast moving product teams must have the right information flowing from the customer to the developer, across the group and back. kPoint is being used to successfully address this need. Timely capture of specifications as well as deliverables in searchable kPoint kapsules works great as a means of documentation and knowledge transfer.

Nitin Kulkarni COO and Executive Director, Persistent Systems

Tata Quality Management Services (TQMS) owns subjects like Business Excellence, Innovation, Business Ethics and Sustainability for the Tata Group. TQMS has to regularly communicate with almost all operating Tata companies. We are using kPoint for webinars, trainings, conducting meetings and capturing events. It is an effective and easy to use tool for such purposes.

Ravi Arora Vice President, Tata Quality Management Service


What does VideoCentral do to keep my videos secure?

VideoCentral uses multi layered security. It protects your data using access control layer, multi tenancy security layer and by leveraging AWS infrastructure security layer. Please contact us to get a detailed whitepaper on VideoCentral security.

Why do I need VideoCentral when I have an enterprise app (say, an LMS) that can host videos?

Videos are special type of objects which need sophisticated handling. Other enterprise apps such as LMS are not built for handling videos. VideoCentral integrates with other applications to power video experience for them with multibitrate streaming, advanced security and fine grained analytics.

Do I need VideoCentral when I already have a video platform?

VideoCentral has certain unique capabilities which other video platforms may not have. Capabilities such as in-video search, interactivity widgets, Point of Presence server and corporate directory integration make VideoCentral most differentiated enterprise video platform.

How does VideoCentral search work?

VideoCentral search indexes all the knowledge in the video by using image analysis and spoken word analysis. Using these two technologies VideoCentral builds an index of all the important words in the video and their timings on the timeline to provide an in-video search experience for the viewer.

Can I get VideoCentral on-premise?

VideoCentral is a cloud native product. It utilizes many cloud functionalities such as dynamic storage and scaling. You can have hybrid deployment of VideoCentral with an on-premise Point of Presence server which works as an E-CDN. There is no on-premise only offering of VideoCentral.


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