Offline video is an offsite video. Keep it on a leash.

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Hats off to Google for launching YouTube Offline – the new feature that allows users to download a YouTube video and watch it when not connected to the Internet. This feature is available in select countries, India being one of them. We just love the YouTube ad announcing this feature with its goofy exaggeration of viewer’s heads spinning because of the frustration of buffer time. You can watch this cool ad here.

The problem of low or no Internet connectivity is common in certain geographies and where we work we’re no strangers to occasional Internet deprivation. So guess what? We’ve also built in offline viewing capabilities into our mobile app. But being an enterprise product, kPoint had to do a lot more than just download a video that would normally stream to one’s device.

Device lock: The video only plays on the device on which it was downloaded. So data cannot travel from device to device.

Limited shelf life: Offline videos on personal devices are even more vulnerable to theft or misuse. Making these videos available for a specified period of time minimizes the risk of data misuse while also ensuring that the data does not clog mobile device memory.

Offline analytics preserved: Viewership data for offline videos are not lost but captured once the device connects back to the kPoint application.

Offline video viewing that addresses the issues of personal device data security and analytics is the challenge that we address in our mobile app. Heads may not spin but they’ll certainly turn.


Avijit Senmazumder
Chief Product Architect, kPoint Technologies, has architect-ed the media backbone for rapid video creation and delivery at kPoint. Avijit has a B. Tech. degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from NIT Warangal and M. S. in Computer Science from UC, Santa Barbara.

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