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CloudFront video fast playback
kPoint’s experience is now faster, smoother and richer than ever before due its quick adoption of Amazon’s new CloudFront edge locations in India. CDNs play a key role in enabling content owners to scale up to increasing user demand on multiple devices and platforms. With introduction of the new Indian locations, kPoint can now deliver the dynamic content with better performance.

The large network of distributed servers in multiple cities across the world has always helped kPoint to deliver its content. However, these new edge locations have now ensured lower latency, high data transfer speeds and an improved performance for its end users. When viewers access kPoint’s content, they are automatically re-directed to the nearest Indian edge server rather than a round robin trip to an abroad location. As an example, let’s imagine a hypothetical journey to Singapore to fetch a X product. Firstly you’d have to plan your local journey to Mumbai, followed by the often traumatic experience of airport security procedures, flight delays and finally the flight back and forth to Singapore. Wouldn’t you be thrilled if you could save all the time and energy and got the same product easily at a local location like Mumbai?

These servers have helped kPoint do just that- local copies of the user’s content are stored locally without compromising the security of this data. By caching the content closest to the end user, the amount of time to deliver the content to end-user’s device is drastically decreased. Since this move at kPoint, there is approximately 70% increase in the number of kapsules served in 0 to 1 seconds.

kPoint videos are now flying faster than ever before- try it out for yourself !

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