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By May 31, 2012Blogs

A few months ago we started thinking about changing our logo. The first question that came to our mind was “why is a logo important?” followed by “why change now?”

In the long history of corporate logo designs, many companies have undergone several logo changes. Many logos that we would recognize in our sleep such as Apple, Mercedes Benz etc did not start out elegant. For a good review of how some of the famous logos evolved, take a look at

For a business, a logo is important for branding. With a simple image, the viewer of logo can conjure up thoughts about the function and quality of a company and its products. The Mercedes Benz logo instantly brings to mind luxury and top-tier cars. With the current prevalence of digital media through websites, blogs, mobile applications, web applications, a company’s logo becomes even more important as it is frequently in front of the stakeholders. It is, therefore, very important to have a memorable logo.

So, why did WE decide to change our logo? We have been using our current logo for over 2 years. It is a good functional representation of what we do, connecting people for learning/training. We felt that we needed to convey a more abstract thought of simplicity and boldness “ something that represented our company vision rather than just the product. We wanted to be able to use a logo on different backgrounds and we also wanted to have an image that could represent the entire logo, in short form. In other words, we wanted a simple, clean and bold logo which also would make a great image. We feel we have achieved this with our new logo! Please let us know what you think of it.

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