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Given the diversity of technologies, people are working in a company and companies are also constantly looking up to different clients to demonstrate their skills in timely manner to get business. People in the company needs to be equipped with latest technologies. Class room training is becoming more and more difficult for people working in different groups having different priorities. The scenario still worsens for geographically distributed companies. Attrition also affects companies where in the main challenge for companies is to preserve and propagate knowledge within the company.

kPoint comes handy in such situations. On kPoint, people can record their knowledge which enables companies to preserve it and others can consume it as per their convenience so that knowledge propagates. One can also design custom courses on kpoint which people can consume. Course designer can also get feedback about how his course is consumed through reach analytics provided by kPoint, this gives them real insight into it. People can also collaborate around such courses which adds real value to it for later reuse. kPoint’s distribution platform also provides searchability till spoken words of people, helping them quickly and efficiently jump into videos saving their time and increasing throughput.

All in all kPoint is a platform that companies can leverage to preserve and propagate knowledge in timely and cost effective manner.

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