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If you happen to tutor your school going kids, nephews, nieces or
siblings; chances are high that you are already familiar with
khan academy. Sal Khan has been creating these amazing video tutorials for various subjects under the sun from math, Biology, physics to history and English where concepts are explained so easily that everything just makes sense. The students all around the world simply love them as they are accessible on (what else?) YouTube.

Sal Khan is a star teacher and we at kPoint subscribe to many of his ideas related to teaching and education. But where Sal Khan deals with pure form of knowledge in academia, the kPoint focuses on more mundane manifestation of knowledge in the forms of information, instructions, process guidelines etc. May not be as profound as pure knowledge but nobody can argue on their necessity and importance. Imagine you going through that manual while struggling to put your new IKEA furniture together. A video on IPad explaining each of the steps pointing to the pages of your manual would certainly help. But wait a minute, as internet video is not as reliable as electricity or telephone line you wonder how would you scuffle for information other than playing your luck on a video seek bar. kPoint has the answer, it makes going through a video clip as obvious as going through pages of a book you flip, you turn, you look at the index and wonderfully enough you can even search for that tiny screw at your hand. Now that’s what we call just in time information at your finger tip.

It must be hard to create those kPoint kapsule you ask.. and the answer is a big NO. You can create them as easily as you do a skype call, more over you can use your existing documents (ppt, pdf, images), video clips and desktop screen too. We are not all gifted like Sal Khan, but using kPoint you too can share your knowledge and it will make you feel like a star when people reach them just in time to solve their problems.
Pretty cool…huh?

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