June Product Release: More power to video publishers

By July 3, 2017Blogs

With our June product release, we are going big on giving more power to video publishers. So if you have been creating and publishing videos on kPoint, we have a whole bunch of exciting features for you. Keep reading to know more about them.

Upload heavier files

We understand that your video files have become heavier with the advent of HD video. And we would never want video size to hamper your creativity. So now you can upload files of upto 2 GB onto kPoint, without having to bother about talking to support for uploading those heavier videos.

Social media friendly urls

kPoint video can be embedded in various pages and various forms, but once in a while you might want to share them externally too. So we’ve made sure that your videos look good when you share them with the world outside your domain. Now when you copy a video url and post it on LinkedIn or Facebook, kPoint will automatically create a nice video thumbnail, a title and a description and make your social update look cool.

Auto publish videos with specific visibility

Most of you might have a standard set of viewers for your videos. So if you know your target group well enough, we’ll save you the effort of selecting a user group every time you publish a video. Now you can bulk publish videos with a pre-determined visibility setting and save yourself the extra step of choosing a visibility every time you publish them.

Add widgets to third party videos

We have made it possible for you to leverage third party videos by giving you the power to stream third party content on kPoint, while retaining our resourceful functionalities. With our quizzes, polls, highlights and other interactive widgets you can create an engaging, secure and searchable video library with your third party videos.

Faster Video Processing

We always want the quality of your experience on kPoint to get better, even as the number of videos being processed on our platform increases incrementally. So we’ve made sure that no matter how many videos are being concurrently processed on kPoint, your experience remains seamless as ever. And that is why we have increased the capacity for simultaneous video processing by more than three times, so that you don’t have to wait if someone else is uploading a lot of videos at the same time as you.

So that’s it for June. We’ll be back with lot’s more, very soon!

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