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Its summer time and the temperatures are a desiccating 40 degrees centigrade. While I recommend its consumption all year around this is the season to eat as much ice cream as possible. My personal favorite flavor is vanilla. Plain vanilla? Hardly. You could combine it with fresh fruit, crumble some cookies or sprinkle some instant coffee. It’s best to have a base canvas of vanilla on which you paint with what catches your fancy that day. But it’s not the most efficient way to do it. For instance you have four kids and six adults all looking to get indoors and sit down with a bowl. Not easy. Here is when the much maligned “Flavors” come into play. Ready to consume combinations are an easy and effective way to fulfill the need of many quickly and rapidly. “Tender coconut”, “Cookies and Cream”,“ Rum and Raisin”. They do almost hit the spot.

Not quite as enjoyable but it’s the same thing with using multimedia content for training. Capturing important presentations for future use as reference library are valuable to any organization. Using slides as the base “Vanilla” and then combining it with video, whiteboards, desktop sharing is how a lot of interesting content is handcrafted. This is expensive, time consuming and doing it often places a strain on your training resources that could be engaged otherwise. Platforms that allow you to automatically combine slides, video, audio, desktop sharing and make it easy to distribute online are the best choice for a busy training manger.

So if you want that one of movie style training content, do spend time crafting it lovingly. But if it is important to have regular training for complex topics to go out quickly, use a platform that combines multimedia automatically. It may miss that dash of cinnamon and a slice of kiwi, but you will have served a lot of people in an effective and efficient manner.

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