Is your prospect really interested in the information you send?

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There is one eternal pain in sales. It is hard to gauge the interest levels of your prospects. You have to use your gut feel and keep working on almost all the prospects with equal enthusiasm. For years, I have been sending emails to prospects with a lot of information. Like most other people, I began by attaching presentations in my email. However I had no clue if the prospect ever opened these presentations at all! I tried something different. I put in links to useful web pages in my email and analyzed their clicks. Soon I realized that this process was not only painful but also provided me very little information as the clicks only indicated their interest but not their engagement levels.

Finally I found something better in the form of links to kPoint kapsules that I can embed in my emails. If my prospect likes the context of my email and clicks on a video link, they can see a short kapsule. It would take only a few minutes of their time but give me a lot of information. Most importantly I get an email whenever the prospect has viewed the kapsule. If she sees the kapsule multiple times or forwards the link, I know of that too. Firstly, this indicates an interest and secondly, I know the view time. Recently a prospect viewed a kapsule that was approximately 3 minutes long. Her second view was for 5 minutes which indicated that the she went back and forth in the video and searched inside the video.

This clearly indicates the level of engagement. I know what sections of the video are of interest to the prospect. Can I ever get this kind of valuable information through emails with attachments or links? Finally there is a way to know which of my prospects are interested and engaged. And videos have truly proved to be more powerful than text in more ways than one!

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