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The training function is typically a tradition-bound operation scattered throughout an enterprise. Its reliance on instructor-led training results in time-consuming classes that require expensive travel, money and time.

Today technology has radically enhanced the ability of companies to connect with their employees and customers. For e.g. every organization, big or small hires interns and temps who are part of the company for a small duration. Interns are looked upon as potential employees, and companies strive to give them the same orientation a new employee gets. Induction sessions and standard company policies can be video recorded and archived for on-demand viewing by such interns across distributed locations. This frees up considerable amount of time for busy executives and other SMEs in addition to saving training costs. It can be advantageous if these videos are interactive which the new joiner can use to reach out to seniors at their convenience.

Some knowledge is useful during the entire course of an activity rather than just in time. Retailers use online instructions to train their employees in everything from theft prevention and inventory/stock room practices to cash register operation. They need to keep revisiting such crucial instructions on a day-to-day basis. In this case, robust participant collaboration or mentoring will help in improving the performance as well as morale of the group as a whole.

Kpoint, with its searchable media content, makes it easier to come back to such online videos everyday on the job.

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