Improving online learner’s motivation.

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Motivation is one of the most important elements of learning.  In classrooms, poorly motivated students can benefit and build their interest and motivation through teacher intervention. On the other hand, keeping students motivated is critical for successful online education, where they take more control over the learning process.

Let us divide the learning process into three stages: the beginning of the learning process, during, and the end of the learning process. At the beginning, in order to motivate students to learn, you must gain and keep the learner’s attention. Learners can be engaged by providing visual stimuli like interesting graphics, animation or any kind of event that introduces incongruity.  During the learning process, emphasis should be placed on stimulation and effect. Learners should be encouraged to engage with the trainer and other learners through question answer sessions and discussion boards.  Most importantly the course material should be relevant to the students.  On the one hand students need to be a part of the community, but on the other hand they also need to learn by themselves.  Finally, the end of the learning experience should focus on competence and reinforcement.  This is possible through frequent feedback and communicating learner progress.  Students must gain confidence from the activity.

It is very difficult to understand through simple observation what is actually motivating learners’ to behave the way they do in response to online training. Creating an individualized learning experience by fitting assignments to personal learning curves will go a long way in improving the online learning process. Kpoint helps you in this journey.

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