Hurdles in widespread enterprise video adoption

By March 27, 2012Blogs

Enterprise video is fast becoming mainstream with use cases as widely ranging as new hire on-boarding to video SEO. Budgets are going up rapidly. And, there are many factors that need to align for this widespread adoption to start delivering the promised benefits.

In our experience, factors such as network infrastructure to handle wide spread use, video life-cycle management, integration with established enterprise systems, and managing user-generated content are factors that we encounter amongst most of our customers. There is one hurdle that really stands tall is ease of consumption.

Compare video adoption with that of text-oriented web. The landmark event that led to wide-spread adoption of the web was emergence of text-based search engines. In addition, our commonly found ability to consume text at a higher speed as compared to viewing video did the trick without us knowing it. So what are the equivalents for the fast emerging video web?

Well, our view is that all content associated with any video and not just the textual meta-data such as titles, author, and tags must feed the search and index infrastructure of the text-based web. So, the spoken word must also get indexed by the search engines.

And, video consumption must be significantly enhanced through easy and precise navigation to any part of the video. So, for example, one should be able to quickly look inside a one hour webinar and view exactly what one needs.

kPoint weaves both of these unique aspects into the user experience.

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