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Who the heck am I to write about OSCAR nominations when I do not even know a single thing about acting? I am a technocrat. Series of events happened last week which made me feel like writing this story. We were selected as the finalists at the CODIE award last month. While we were celebrating the win and I got a call from Yourstory. “You have a good product. Why don’t you participate in Microsoft BizSpark?” the lady said. “Just fill out an application and submit your business plan.” As a marketer of a startup, I always run after free publicity. Here what I needed to do was just writing up an application. Next two days flew passed in firefighting. I was about to leave the office and I got the call again, “Hey, you have not submitted the application. The deadline is tomorrow”. “Oh man…I hope it really takes 10 minutes”, I said to myself. It turned out to be a half a night affair reminding me of my college days. I wrote the application, submitted it and completely forgot about it.

Last Thursday, I got an email inviting me for the regional finals. Our application was shortlisted. Then there was a briefing session where the expert asked finalists to talk about different aspects of the business. It was impossible to cover the stuff in 10 minutes. We decided put our best foot forward. We decided to focus on few main aspects our disruptive technology, team and the real proof of acceptance of our value proposition, our customers. I went to the competition and it was another business presentation. Jury looked positive and suggested more avenues of growth for the business. Right there, I knew that the presentation was well received. After I got back to the seat, suddenly I started thinking about the results. It is so funny. I had never thought about winning. The moment I felt that we could win, the nervousness kicked in.

The declaration of winners was also made little dramatic. 7 participants were given participation award “one by one”. I was hoping that our name does not show up in the list. It did not. It felt good but now I wanted more. kPoint should miss the list two more times. It did and we won! It felt great to pick up the trophy. We were the national finalists at the Microsoft BizSpark!

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