Footprint expanded drastically … the much awaited Android app is out!

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kPoint is going places and is now mobile. You can enjoy your favorite kapsules anywhere on the go. In this age of fully-enabled-anytime-anywhere, users are demanding non-stop action. Learning needs to mLearning and customer support must be visual and instant. No one has the time to open up laptop and look up or to keep listening to recordings that assure you are the most valued customer. And “show me” rules, “read me” is dead! kPoint was always strictly web-browser based. That made the users free from device and OS dependence. With iPad and Android support, kPoint is now enabled for 90%+ users on the go.

The kPoint Android app is not only full-featured but it gets you more than what you get on the web-browser or iPad. You can select the media streams you want and zoom into them. You can do that simultaneously or individually on both the panes. Or swipe through the bookmarks on the right pane. Didn’t you always want video playback on the mobile to be better than watching a small screen TV. Well. That’s exactly what the kPoint Android app does for you.
Go watch a kapsule to see how a video should be viewed. And don’t forget to control-f in it like you do in a file to get your keywords.

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