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Mobile device use has today grown to a point where they have become an indispensable part of our lives. Expectedly, similar adaptations are also taking place in the modern enterprise. Mobile devices are altering the way employees access applications, modify documents, interact and collaborate with colleagues, and progressively, watch business videos. As a result, enterprises are increasingly enabling employees to access office networks and tools on their own mobile devices. It is at this junction that kPoint is making it easier than ever for employees to create, watch and share business videos. Yes, we are proud to announce the release of the kPoint mobile app for iOS and Android mobile devices.

What’s new with kPoint’s latest mobile app?

Search within videos

Instead of playing your videos from the very beginning, you can now search for specific content within your videos, jump to that exact point within the video and play it from the point of interest. Save precious bandwidth in the process.

Offline viewing

Download any video in your library to your mobile device and watch it anytime — watch it even when not connected to the Internet. Now you can catch up on training materials from anywhere!


The video experience on mobile has been also customized to ensure enterprise-level security. The video only plays on the device on which it was downloaded, so data cannot travel from device to device. The availability of the videos is time-specific, minimizing data misuse.


You can receive notifications from your subscribed channels whenever a new video is added to your channel, or when your own video is ready to be published. You will also receive information on your regular activity feeds and suggested videos.

Video Analytics

Process owners can monitor the consumption of videos based on user-level analytics. Even if the viewing takes place offline, usage data can be captured. Viewership data for offline videos are not lost but captured once the device connects back to the kPoint application.

The kPoint mobile app takes the power of enhanced video from the desktop to wherever you are working – shop floor, in the market, at home or at airports. Now you can carry your entire video library in your pocket, wherever you go.

The new kPoint Mobile app is available now on      
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