Consistency in live training.

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Big Business Process Outsourcing organizations (BPOs) have dedicated accounts departments.  They hire fresh graduates in large numbers to handle billing or sales; each of whom needs training in handling confidential company data and processes.  A number of trainers are also hired for this purpose.  However, there is no consistency in the training messages each batch of employees receive from the various training sources the company employs.  A trainer might fail to communicate certain important aspects to some of his students while another might adopt different techniques to get his point across.

Training has far more to do with behavior change than it does with information exchange. It doesn’t always work for many companies because the behavior change is never implemented as the trainees are confronted with so many different presentation styles.  If you want your course to be delivered in the same way each time, then e-Learning is an excellent choice. The content and delivery is exactly the same each time.

On the other hand there are certain courses that seem to always be changing. The system is constantly being updated or the product details are a moving target. How will these changes be handled? How will you update material? Will you need to retrain those who previously attended the course? Online content can be changed once from one location. There is no need to get trainers up-to-speed and no need to reprint materials.

Online training also offers a better way to evaluate learners as everyone gets the information from a single source.  Thus, the training and development departments in organizations could use videos to train new employees across all locations. They can also keep a track of who has viewed which lessons and gauge how trainees are responding to it by way of feedback.  Kpoint helps you achieve all this.

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