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I recently attended a lecture by Prof. Lu of USC at NASSCOM Engineering Summit* where he talked about how engineers are oversupplying technology to 1% of population. Engineers keep on adding features at the risk of losing the simplicity of a product. The differentiation is added in a dimension where it hardly matters. Over the period, the technology companies keep supplying more and more technology. It was a fresh perspective on engineering.
Something similar is happening in the web conference space. Every two months there is a new product added which claims to be a differentiated product.

Let’s take the 2 cases of conference calls viz. planned and unplanned. In a planned meeting, people join the web-conference and most of them use teleconference to reduce bandwidth requirement. Hardly anyone turns the camera on. The coordinator passes control to the presenter and the screens are shared. People discuss updates, problems and the coordinator takes notes and circulates the action items after the meeting.

In an unplanned meeting like a support call, you get on a call. Now you suddenly realize that it would have been nice if all of you were seeing the same screen.

In both the scenarios, for the meetings, you essentially need to share the screen. You need all the “good to have” features if you are conducting a webinar or training. Now if you need to share just the screens, why should you pay lots of $s? Secondly why do want the viewers to go through the hassle of installation just for sharing the screen? Why can’t they use browsers?

So here is a new product and only point of differentiation is that is simple, free, and works well with mobile devices. Just go to skreen.me** using your browser. Share your screen and allow your colleagues to view it from any device. No apps, no installs, no sign ups, no JAVA. It is fast, simple and FREE. Now you can start saving $s spent on so called web conferences which are actually screen sharing sessions.

**http://skreen.me is powered by kPoint and incubated by GS Lab.


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