Breaking news: Knowledge management and support ecosystem are getting married

By August 15, 2013Blogs

This is not like two celebrities in a relationship are making an announcement. However if you work in an IT product or services, you have to pay close attention to this news. In IT services, greenfield projects are going down. More and more companies are taking up production support projects. Service level agreements in these projects are getting ridiculous with crazy turnaround time. There is also a big problem of churn in support teams.

In product and production support operations, many similar issues are resolved repeatedly. With TAT pressure, KM comes in as a big relief. For tech savvy customers, a database of such similar issues can serve as a self-service mechanism. More appropriately, we need a searchable knowledge database. Many companies are working on ticketing systems which can search knowledge database with intelligence. Are we missing something here?

Yes. Building such a database is a pain. In a support environment, teams need to demonstrate step by step processes. If you don’t create a good video for this purpose, you have to write long articles. Who likes to write long articles? But then good videos are hard to create. Also videos can only be searched for the Meta data (title, description and tags). If you stumble across few helpful videos, you don’t know which one is right. You don’t know where precisely to look inside this video for the relevant information you are looking for. Aren’t these factors super crucial for a support team and the user who is pressed for time?

Searchable and discoverable video are a powerful component in knowledge database. At kPoint, we wish KM and support ecosystem a happy married life!

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