Biggest opportunity for higher education lies in going online.

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Did you know the annual turnover of the coaching industry is a staggering $100 million, totally spent by parents?   Fast emerging as a parallel education system, the country’s multiplying coaching schools have become one-stop shops catering to every need of students from diverse backgrounds.
Today almost all the students attend private tuition from higher secondary level onwards.  But those from small cities and towns are at a great disadvantage as coaching facilities are the best at the metros. Due to no coaching class presence in their hometowns, aspirants do not get adequate guidance to prepare for entrance tests for admission to professional institutions.
On the other hand, a few big cities and metros have become famous for such coaching centers and students, often with parents shift there for two years. Others make do with correspondence courses or test series.
E-tutorials are a way to bridge this gap.  Having an online lecture series will give students access to a lot of information.  Online coaching classes can offer a combination of webcasts, live and prerecorded lectures as well as innovative features like classes with interactive animations and Q&A – answers to all queries of students through online interaction.  Kpoint makes all of this possible

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