VideoStack Benefits

Build state-of-the-art digital video applications easily!

Ready to use rich video backend to power
your business applications.

Benefits for
Digital Experience Developers

  • Reduce time to market for your app with a ready-to-use state-of-the-art video cloud
  • Reduce development and maintenance costs by leaving video complexity to VideoStack
  • Improve engagement through a personalised and branded viewing experience
  • Reduce business risks through superior technical support and pay-when-you-use commercials

Benefits For
Education Providers

  • Get the benefits of an integrated and scalable video cloud for programmable live streaming, on-demand video, and cloud recording.
  • Improve learner experience through keyword and spoken word search
  • Get your favourite learning environment enabled by state-of-the-art video services
  • Enjoy rock solid security for your precious video content

Benefits For
Media Providers

  • Develop a brand through a highly customizable branded player experience
  • Improve production efficiency through an easy-to-use video content catalogue that support collaboration
  • Leave the complexity of any device, any format, any network, and any location video to VideoStack
  • Improve content traffic through sharing and SEO via highlight URLs in a single video


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