Video Central Benefits

Simplify your life when you videofy your business!

VideoCentral is a complete platform
that ensures video adoption!

Benefits for
Customer Marketers

  • Enhance engagement with a secure branded video portal or video channels for each customer
  • Remove the product knowledge gaps your customers may have through frequent video updates
  • Improve CSAT through continuous and on demand delivery of videos for customer education and proactive sharing
  • Stop getting hit by changes through effective onboarding of new customer personnel via video-based induction plans

Benefits For
Sales Enablement Teams

  • Increase alignment by closing the gap between the latest offerings and sales teams’ knowledge
  • Solve the content relevancy challenge by enabling SMEs to instantly produce snackable video recordings for the sales team
  • Eliminate delayed field updates by enabling all sales teams to upload mobile video updates
  • Ensure brand consistency through structured onboarding and propagation of winning stories for new sales team members

Benefits For
L&D Teams

  • Make it efficient for learners to get to the precise point of interest
  • Make learning videos engaging by adding interactivity
  • Remove the complexity of adding video to your LMS
  • Make content sourcing and curation a lot easier
  • Manage your video content in one place

Benefits For
Corporate Communicators

  • Increase the frequency, speed, and personal touch
  • Measure effectiveness and impact of leaders’ communications
  • Make leadership accessible by providing all to communicate directly in the context of their talks.
  • Actively manage and remove gaps in messaging by ensuring that the new arrivals consume important leadership talks
  • Eliminate the alignment challenges resulting from distributed teams

Benefits For Enterprise IT

  • Develop a coherent and scalable infrastructure for org-wide use of videos
  • Eliminate security and management risks by developing a single source of videos
  • Protect investment in existing enterprise apps as you videofy them
  • Provide viewing and publishing access to everyone in the org without burdening the network or administration resources

Benefits For All Employees

  • Provide a painless infrastructure for video viewing and creation for all employees
  • Enable mobile video updates during corporate events such as hack-a-thons and idea-thons
  • Communicate corporate policies and processes in a millennial friendly manner
  • Get visual feedback from remote corners to make change management easier


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