kPoint For L&D Leaders

Videofy your structured as well as agile learning programs

Align L&D with business faster and
with measurable impact.

kPoint makes rapid video learning a reality!

You need microlearning set up yesterday. But no one is free!
Use the seamless working of VideoCentral and VideoFront. Give a login to your SMEs on kPoint so they can stream live. Or capture a speaker or just talk to a device using the simple kPoint recorder. The video will appear in kPoint, ready for adding a pop quiz, ready with transcript and highlights, and hosted in a secure channel available globally.

What happens to your recordings of high value web meetings?
Wouldn’t you just love it if all the corporate know-how that gets shared in most of your web meetings is available to you for curation and publishing later. May be you use web meetings to conduct virtual training rooms and are unable to make use of the recordings for effective on-demand content.

Videofy your LMS and Learning portals
You have a nice flow set up for your learning programs using the LMS or your custom portals. And you now face the rapidly growing demand for adding videos to the courses. Your first instinct is to use links to video files placed on the server. This can very quickly degrade the entire experience and lead to unimaginable headaches.

You have a lot of high-value learning content. But… Let’s face it – everyone would like to spend time learning, but there are deliverables and deadlines to meet. And then there are non-work distractions at all times. So, it’s not a surprise that the high-value content you put out does not get consumed as much as you would like. To boot, it takes time to view videos.

The digital age has changed L&D programs for good.

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