kPoint For Customer Marketers

Branded highlight-driven video viewing with superior video SEO

Enterprise Video Delivery Management

Leverage your webinar videos by providing byte-size viewing.
And make this high-value content more discoverable.

Make it easy for your customers to find your content. Enhance your search engine performance through smart video SEO. Increase long-tail search hits to your website by embedding highlighted videos from kPoint to your website, measure and tune for optimizing search performance.

Improve customer advocacy. Share byte-sized highlights of what is relevant to each customer from your carefully produced webinars. Measure customer-wise viewership and use it for improved responses to each customer.

Protect your customer relationships even as people move. Provide custom-made video playlists for each new person onboarded at the customer. Train your new colleagues quickly by sharing past customer viewership analytics.

Onboard your customers effortlessly through targeted product communication. Share specific highlighted snippets of your help videos and video case studies without making multiple copies of a video.

Loyalty and retention are now core deliverables
for B2B marketers


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