Sales Enablement

Answer questions for the sales team on the go.

Get your developing stories and recent wins
out to everyone through snackable videos.

Keep your sales team’s product knowledge current.

Spread the winning stories and share learning. Enable your sales team and the sales manager to quickly record and securely share their critical sales knowledge as a video.

Eliminate delays in field updates. Share important product evolution and insights from SMEs, product management, and marketing to people in the field. Byte-sized consumption using search and highlights saves precious time.

Enable the sales manager to continuously coach the team. Secure video streaming converting to video on-demand lets the manager keep the sales people motivated and informed and the closure velocity high. She can also track their consumption with the sales performance.

Achieve consistency in the sales communication. Close the gap between the sales team’s knowledge and the current product through continuous updates and efficient on-boarding of new sales people.

Help the sales team sell more. Enable the
sales manager coach better.

Look who’s using kPoint for Sales Enablement.


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