kPoint for Digital Experience Development

A plug-n-play smart video cloud for your digital apps

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How kPoint helps Digital Experience Developers

As a developer, you get multiple API classes – authentication, programmable widgets,
search, analytics, and player embedding.

Differentiate your apps – web or mobile – with an interactive video player and a fully scaled up and secure hosting and streaming of videos.

Get to market faster by keeping your digital video app and viewer experience simple. Embed live video streaming as well as on-demand video in one place using VideoStack.

Support that makes you a hero. Our 24 by 7 product and developer support and free technology consulting will ensure that you look good to your customers.

Try it, scale it, and then pay for it. We are even OK to earn when you earn. Leverage the proven VideoStack technology and give your app an edge over the others.

In-App Video must be as easy as using HTML.

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