Analytics is the new ‘black’.

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There was a news report in a prominent financial daily the other day on the growing demand for ‘data scientists’ across industries. ‘Data scientist’ was not even a term a few years ago, let alone a job profile in much demand! The explosion of available information and the volumes of data collected from various sources has opened a completely new area of computing.‘Big Data’ has been the flavor of the season for a while now, but using data analytics for decision-making has been around for a while. The ubiquity of analysis tools and frameworks has made it imperative for almost all professions to pay attention, analyze and draw insights from the data that is being collected by their systems and applications.

One of the key challenges intersecting this growing data is the exponential growth in online multimedia content. Recent trends in the rich-media space have seen content go beyond videos. Videos are moving from one-way entertainment to an interactive medium of communication, promotion and learning. And, they involve significant amount of content. Content is data. And data can be analyzed! You are no longer limited to publishing a monolithic video with a simple counter for the number of views it gathers. Today’s advanced multimedia delivery platforms collect insightful data for your video content and its viewership – what are the most popular search terms used to find your video, which are the most popular bookmarks accessed by your viewers, where are your viewers coming from and how long are they staying, which sections of your video are most popular, how many people are successfully able to answer the pop-quizzes in your interactive video. Data, data and even more data! Useful data that can be analyzed to fine-tune your video content to make it more effective and targeted. Any video-delivery solution worth its salt has to have analytics functionality that dives deep into this data and brings these insights to the fore. You shouldn’t have to hire a data scientist to analyze this!

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