A face only your mother could love

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A face only your mother could love.

Remember the first time you heard yourself? The voice mail you had left for a friend who played it back for you? The home video where you were talking loudly in the background? Unbelievable. It wasn’t you!

What then of how we look like in a video? Face too fat, too small a head for our body, too big a head the insecurities we feel as humans are numerous and it’s a wonder we live our lives every day! It’s not so much what we look like, we still have friends who have dinner with us, our employees and coworkers don’t flee when you enter the room, and customers do answer your phone call. It’s our self-consciousness that bothers us the most.

This is a significant issue for most presenters when multimedia is used to capture a presentation or training. We can write volumes, read by hopefully anyone, without the slightest tremor. But the one five minute video you put out expounding on javaScript may keep you awake at night wondering how you will be perceived.

But enough of our vanity, let’s think of the people watching. Your employees who might want to have a closer connection with you, your students who learn better when you explain a concept, who look forward to seeing you and hearing your familiar voice, all of them stand to benefit more directly from such media.

Remember the recent video making the rounds of Steve jobs speaking at a university graduation? Now think of reading plain text about living life with the knowledge of your certain mortality. Not quite the same thing.

So try all the possibilities of using video and audio to broadcast your message. While everyone might not love your face the way your mother does, it’s a valuable human connection for your employees, students and customers.

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