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kPoint Wizard is your magic wand that takes conventional video and converts it into a video continuum that viewers play within. That’s taking the phrase “immersive experience” very seriously. Read on to see how the Wizard creates a video world that is participative and involving.

One video with many stories.

Think of video that’s like a web site. Video that you can browse by selecting alternative routes and branches. On a web site you have the control to decide what you will view and in which order. On conventional video, you hit play and watch through till the end. But with programmable video viewers navigate through video content by making their own choices. Learners, for example, could select between basic, intermediate, and advanced course content to be served video most appropriate to their achievement levels. This without the viewer ever leaving the video player as she charts her own path.

Graduate from watching to examining video.

Want to allow your viewers to get information on a product featured in your videos? Give it a hot spot. Let viewers click on the product to open an informative popup that educates them or even inspires them to make a purchase. It’s a bit like kicking the tyres and reading up the citations in a paper rolled into one. Create object desire or love for learning or both!


The kPoint Wizard can add branched paths and hot spots to all your corporate video assets, wherever they are. So even if you have legacy videos on YouTube, you can leave them where they are, map them to kPoint and then add the extras you want to make them more powerful. Needless to say you get the all powerful search capabilities that kPoint is famous for, with mapped third party videos.