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Make your own work videos. It’s easy and fun.

See how kPoint Videomaker turns office workers into video creators.


You’ve probably got a ton of static presentations lying around gathering dust. Convert them to sharp HD video and get them seen again and again. Just script a commentary to go with the slides. You can record the commentary in your own voice or if you like use kPoint Voiceover to convert text to speech. Add the recorded voice to the slides in kPoint Videomaker. Adjust the timing of each slide. Your video is ready. And it’s in the cloud so anyone in the world to whom you grant access can view it.

Put your subject matter experts onto video.

Sit one of your experts down at a desk. Put some lights on her. Plug in a camera or webcam into a computer and start recording the expert’s words of wisdom. Then capture any screen content that explains or embellishes the expert’s talk. The clips are already in kPoint Videomaker. Move them around, clip out unwanted portions and your video is ready in minutes. Your expert is free to go about her business while her expertise is already available on the cloud.

Screen your videos on kPoint or anywhere else.

When you create a video on kPoint Videomaker it is automatically available for play on kPoint Video Central. You can also choose your output file as mp4 or SRT and then use the videos externally. But here’s a hint – keeping your videos within kPoint means they get all the cool extras like advanced search, auto-highlights and more. Read about the extras on the Video Central page.