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Watch the kPoint Video Central overview.

kPoint is your single window resource if you want to make video the lingua franca of your organization. We call it “videofying the enterprise”. At the heart of our solution is the kPoint Video Central – the go-to place for video publishers and viewers. Other kPoint products like the kPoint Videomaker and kPoint Wizard plug in to Video Central to take you up the video ladder from basic to advanced user levels.


Watch the “kPoint for Viewers” video to see how we make work fun.


Employees or authorized stakeholders access kPoint Video Central on browsers or through mobile apps. Once logged in, they have access to the entire vault of videos belonging to the organization. So they can view these videos from office or home or while commuting. The videos are streamed from the Cloud on sophisticated content delivery networks so videos load quickly and play smoothly, wherever in the world the viewer is. kPoint also has an enterprise version that runs on the organization’s WAN.

Much less search time. Much more video time.

kPoint Video Central is designed for work. So viewers don’t spend ages looking for videos and then even more time scrolling through to the right point in the right video. You know how long that can take! Search across and within videos is fast and precise with kPoint. Don’t ask us how we do it, but kPoint’s advanced search capabilities take you to the precise point in a video where a keyword was said in the soundtrack or shown on-screen. The time saved and hence productive time gained is huge!

Video for the BYOD workstyle.

We’re all working across multiple devices. kPoint, like so many SaaS products, works across desktop, notebooks, and mobiles. Videos started viewing on one device pick up where they left off on other devices. That’s par for the course. But kPoint plays securely on registered mobiles and cannot be transferred out of authorized mobiles to non-secure systems.


Users can upload their own videos to kPoint Video Central and become publishers. Videos can be in any standard format including mp4, mpeg, and avi. As a publisher you can choose whether your video is for public viewing or for specific workgroups. The enterprise can set up a workflow for approval of new videos uploaded so that only authorized video gets published.



kPoint automatically spots scene changes, which usually indicate a chapter or section change. Select the transition points you wish to highlight and give them a label. Makes life easy for viewers.

Text highlights

kPoint, the genius, actually looks for on-screen text, reads it, converts optical text to document text and drops a pre-labeled highlight wherever the text appears. Delete unnecessary ones, edit the others and show your viewers how to navigate your video.


When it comes to video, kPoint is all ears. Listening to the soundtrack, it converts speech to text, producing an accurate transcript of a presentation, lecture, or speech. The transcript is available as closed captions or for offline reading.

Search through Speech

Viewers can search within a video and across all videos on the hub through the spoken word by submitting a text search query. kPoint finds the point where the word or phrase was said. That’s really neat and saves a lot of time getting to specific points of interest or study. And if a kPoint video is in public domain, it can be speech searched even from Google!

kPoint, the video genius.

Our software scans through videos, looking and listening for transitions, text on-screen, and the spoken word. It places markers to help viewers get to important points fast. Very fast.


kPoint Video Central makes video organization neat and video browsing intuitive. Videos can be discovered basis their popularity or newness. Or users can browse through video channels created for specific workgroups or business units. Users can also save videos to a personal ‘My Videos’ library. And at any time the user always has the powerful kPoint video search to get to the video point where a search phrase appears.

Video analytics for process improvement.

Every video has a communication or learning objective and enterprise video publishers need to know details of how their videos are being viewed. kPoint provides rich data on viewership at the video level and at the user level. That’s the feedback loop that administrators require to manage and improve communication or learning.