Product Overview

A unified platform to meet multiple customer support needs:


  • Cloud based, browser driven
  • No installs
  • Less IT headache
  • Automatic data back up
  • No video downloads and uploads
  • Mobile Access


  • Search inside the video
  • Discover videos via Google search
  • Discover Videos on your company’s knowledge platform

Multimedia Video

Explain complex concepts mashing up:

  • Slides and documents
  • Live video feed
  • Existing videos (e.g.YouTube)
  • Screen sharing
  • Whiteboard

Creation and Sharing

  • Zero authoring effort; anyone can create videos
  • Single click sharing on public social media
  • Authenticate private sharing
  • Embed on websites and intranets
  • Share via email
  • Hooks to integrate with your existing ecosystem


  • From creation to detailed analytics on a single platform
  • Go beyond views and know exactly how the videos are reached and consumed.