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Live video that lives longer.

kPoint Live will stream a live camera feed to enterprise associates in rich HD via the kPoint content delivery network. So wherever in the world the employees and associates may be they can watch the streamcast live, interact by asking questions and making comments. Text chats are nested so that conversations are organized into threads. Of course, security features such as access control ensure that only authorized persons can view the session. But all this is pretty much par for the course for live broadcasts. The value gets created when kPoint records the live presentation. Read on to see how.

ENRICH the spontaneity of live.

People miss live broadcasts. People want to view live broadcasts again. Recordings of live are therefore very useful. kPoint automatically records all live airings done through the application. What makes the recordings highly useable is the search functionality that is core to kPoint. kPoint searches through the spoken word and on-screen text to make it extremely easy for viewers to find the specific part of the broadcast they need to watch again.

Recorded video can be given branches, hot spots, annotations to make it involving, educative, informative, and motivating.