kPoint selected as finalist in InTech50 2015

1st April, 2015, kPoint Technologies, an innovator in enterprise video, has been selected as a finalist at InTech50 2015. InTech50 is a showcase of the most promising software products created by entrepreneurs from India. A panel of Chief Information Officers (CIOs), venture capitalists, and product leaders decided the fifty companies that made the cut to InTech50 2015.

The kPoint enterprise video platform enables implementation of video as a means of communication, collaboration, broadcast messaging, training, and knowledge capture within organizations. kPoint is a one-stop-shop for video creation, consumption, engagement, and interactivity. With kPoint, video content creators can very easily create and share videos, promote and socialize them, and analyze viewership. Viewers quickly search videos and find the precise point within a video that matches a search keyword. kPoint also allows the viewer to search inside the video while watching it. With its next gen mobile app videos can be viewed on mobile devices even when offline.

kPoint is creating a video culture within the extended enterprise!

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