There are No Traffic Jams Along the Extra Mile

Customer experience is happening on multiple channels. Savvy businesses are going the extra mile to provide unified support on more than one support channel at a time.MultichannelImage


Offering a unified and seamless experience across multiple channels is not only important to the customer experience but also has an impact on your bottom line. Consider the nature of each channel when determining how it can be used most effectively.

Here are a few recommendations:
Web self-service: Gartner says 67% customers want to resolve the issues themselves. This channel gives them this freedom. Directing interactions that are low in complexity but high in volume to Web self-service result in high self-service rates. Customers are able to resolve their problems quickly and effectively, and the organization will build the customer relationship while significantly lowering costs.Community: Leveraging the collective intelligence of customers enables the organization to provide a whole new dimension to supplement Web self-service. Community functionality is also suited for high-volume issues.Chat: This channel provides a powerful way to either penetrate customers’ thought process through a proactive notification or more passively provide a helpful channel for customers to engage in when they are ready. Implementation costs are low and a single agent can handle multiple chat windows. It usually is meant for low complexity issues.

Phone: Although this channel is the most expensive, it also provides unparalleled FCR rates. High-complexity, low-volume problems are best suited for this channel. Higher priority tasks get solved quickly through this channel as it offers a direct one-to-one communication medium.

E-mail: This communication channel allows for asynchronous communication between customer and organization. This is useful for low-priority, low-complexity issues and provides the companies with the ability to respond when it is most convenient.Social Media: A powerful medium to promote and build a community or network of users. It’s a great way to interact with people who use your service, gather feedback or discuss and share your ideas through channels like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, wikis and YouTube. The inherent value is that the content is timely, targeted and real. This type of rich, experience-driven information available now through social media is what many consumers are yearning for.Choose the right channels for your business. Provide effective support and integrate the various channels seamlessly in a way that customer query gets resolved quickly. Such personalized experiences achieved through multichannel support will indeed go a long way in building a strong brand!

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