Single Sign On gives 7 times jump in kapsule viewership

Sometimes removal of a small bottleneck helps streamline a complex process. This has been the experience of several of customers. Our customers have seen value in discoverable and searchable kPoint kapsules long time back. Everyone knows the usefulness of asynchronous communication using videos as in modern era people work in different time zones and prefer audio visual consumption of information. While all this is true, process owners and creators used to get low viewership on kapsules. Integration of corporate directory with kPoint using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) has made a huge difference. Many customers have done LDAP integration so far and many more are on the way.

kPoint users put effort is creating kapsule. While the actual kapsule creation is easy in kPoint, the creators spend significant time in planning the kapsule and preparing raw data for the kapsule. Next step is to make sure that the right content reaches right people. The process owners map the organization and make the right content available to right people. In some cases, people searching for information find the right kapsule and reach the right point in the kapsule but a small trivial roadblock kicks in. The viewer forgets the login credentials. Single Sign On removes this bottleneck.
There are several typical benefits seen by our customers

• Auto provisioning of employees when people join the company and leave
• Substantial improvement in viewership. We have seen 7 times jump in viewership.
• Tracking becomes extremely easy. kapsule owners get detailed insights in to viewership.
• Corporate user-id and password policy automatically gets applied to kPoint.
• Group sharing is possible – You can share a kapsule to an existing group in corporate directory.
• Corporate applications (e.g. Sharepoint, LMS) do connect to kPoint. The access of these applications to kPoint is governed by the access restriction.
• Kapsule access restriction is preserved.

It is very easy to integrate your corporate directory with kPoint and enjoy all these benefits. Contact your account manager or write to

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