kapsule Studio

kapsule studio

The kPoint Studio is a new video creation feature that combines flexibility with ease of use. With a simple user interface, you can gradually build powerful, discoverable kapsules in an incremental fashion. The kapsules are built from smaller clips. This gives you an immense amount of control over the content that you build, all at your own pace. A comparison chart of existing tools available brings out the immense power kPoint studio can offer.

Usage Details
The kPoint studio has a simple UI that retains its familiarity and is easy to use. You can start quickly by using easily visible icons and build clips. A clip is a basic unit of content that can take inputs from your camera, document, audio, video or screen share. You can start creating clips using any of the icons on the left. Clips can be re-arranged, re-named and deleted all in a modular fashion.

You will need to install a new plugin to use kPoint Studio. The kPoint Studio works only with HTML 5 enabled browsers.

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